Things to know about an IVA

Find out all of the key details about An Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA), do you qualify, how do you set one up? Is it right for you?

Debt and Mental Health

Mental health is finally being given the same acknowledgement as physical health, after decades of stigma, and plenty of ignorance regarding its significance in our lives. Depression, anxiety and stress are more widespread than any of us would like to accept, whilst suicide is becoming increasingly prevalent in our society. It’s an incredibly sad situation… […]

Bankruptcy – is it as scary as it sounds?

Author: Scott Nelson Scott is the founder of MoneyNerd and a financial services expert with over 10 years’ experience in the industry. Troubled by the lack of moral conscience in the industry, Scott decided to use his insider knowledge to give genuine advice to those struggling financially. He’s recently moved out of London to the […]

Gambling and Debt – A National Problem

Whilst plenty of people in the UK enjoy an occasional flutter, on a football accumulator or on the horses, there is no denying that ‘problem gambling’ is one of the toughest things our society has to face up to. Problem gambling comes in many forms, and is linked to addictive behaviours, but we want to […]