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  • A Debt Management Plan or an IVA?

    Balancing Debt

    Debt Management Plan or an IVA? If you are in debt and are looking for a solution to your debt that will benefit you and satisfy your creditors: you have two main options, an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) or a Debt Management Plan (DMP). What are they? IVA An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is a […]

    Did you overspend at Christmas?


    If you overspent at Christmas this blog looks at ways you can tighten your belt to manage the financial strain of January.

    Bankruptcy or an IVA?

    IVA vs Bankruptcy

    If you are in financial difficulty, then there are several options available to you. Two of these options are bankruptcy or an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement). As with all solutions to debt there are benefits and consequences to both and you need to be aware of these so that you can make an informed decision. […]

    An IVA – What are the considerations?

    We think that in the right circumstances an IVA is a good way to help you with your debt. But you need to fully consider the consequences before you go ahead. When you’re in debt there is a weight on your shoulders, you can feel it affecting every part of your day. So, when there […]

    Don’t let Black Friday turn your Christmas Blue.

    Black Friday Debt

    Don’t miss out, hurry! Last chance to buy. Yes, it is that time of year, Black Friday is here and already the shops have started early. While we are not immune to the pull of bagging a bargain, you have to ask yourself is it really a bargain? We previously touched on Black Friday in […]

    Avoiding the Debts of Christmas Future

    Christmas tree in shop window

    We don’t want to be a scrooge, but Christmas shopping can be a recipe for increasing debts for many people. We are going to give some tips on how you can do Christmas on a budget. Here at the Debt Advice Service we know that christmas is less than seven weeks away and for many […]

    How do I get out of Debt?

    Person climbing out of a hole metaphor for climbing out of debt

    “How do I get out of debt?” The Debt Advice Service have heard this question plenty of times, and whilst there is rarely a ‘one size fits all’ answer, there is an answer for everyone, no matter how bleak their situation might seem. The following questions might seem quite generalised, but they hopefully shed some […]

    Managing your money through Divorce

    Couple going through divorce.

    Our guest blogger Gianna: I am delighted to be asked to guest blog for The Debt Advice Service. I am a family solicitor and director at O’Donnell Solicitors based in Grasscroft, Oldham.  My specialism is divorce and financial settlements relating to divorce, children and cohabitation. I have been asked to produce a blog because legal […]

    Urgent! – What to do if you have an urgent debt problem

    Urgent Debt heafer

    Here at The Debt Advice Service we know from experience that there may be instances when a debt issue becomes a matter of urgency. This can be a stressful time for anyone involved, but there are steps you can take to deal with the situation, no matter how urgent it has become. Amongst other things, […]

    Credit Card Debt – Part 2

    Image of Credit Cards

    *If you haven’t read part 1 of our Credit Card Debt Blog click here*  Credit cards don’t have to be a problem… In fact, when used correctly, a credit card can help with things like: spreading the cost of purchases earning rewards managing debt building your credit score Different cards do different things (as explained […]