We know how much you look forward to your lunch breaks, we all do, but is it time to work out just how much that Pret sandwich or that Costa Coffee is costing you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis?


…this could be eye watering, but it’s only meant to be eye opening.

Let’s say you like to treat yourself a few times a week, splashing out at either a chain or independent butty shop.

It’s likely, that with a drink and a little treat, you’re getting close to the £10 mark for each meal.

Do that every day and we’re talking close to £50 a week…

…Nearly £200 a month…

…which is just shy of two and a half grand a year.

Imagine saving that sort of money annually?

But you still have to eat of course. No one is suggesting you go hungry at lunch times, that’s a terrible idea!

Instead of splashing out, why not limit yourself to one of those £3 Meal Deals? They’re available in all sorts of shapes and sizes from a range of retailers. What’s the damage there then?

£3 a day. £15 a week. £60 a month.

That’s still a whopping £720 every year!

Your Naked Smoothie, Triple pack chicken sandwich and root vegetable crisps don’t seem like such a bargain now, do they?

Why not try going back to basics? Why not try remembering what we’re calling:

‘The Lost Art of the Packed Lunch’

When you plan ahead, stock up on your favourites and keep things fresh by switching up your menu week by week, you’re onto a winner with a packed lunch.

You’ll save a fortune.

The time it takes you to plan it, buy it and prepare it will be more than made up in the time you save going to get it each day.

You’ll not only be saving money; you’ll be saving time. Non reusable plastics as well, you’ll be saving on those too, you hero you.

Give it a try for a month or two and keep track of how much money you save, simply by not buying your lunch on a daily basis. You could even save it in cash for added impact…

Disclaimer: We make apologies for the amount of Tupperware lids you’re about to lose. That’s on you.

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