“How do I get out of debt?” The Debt Advice Service have heard this question plenty of times, and whilst there is rarely a ‘one size fits all’ answer, there is an answer for everyone, no matter how bleak their situation might seem. The following questions might seem quite generalised, but they hopefully shed some light on the options available to people struggling with debt.

“How do I get out of debt?”

For most people struggling with debt, the desire to get out of debt as quickly as possible might seem like the be all and end all. Patience and clarity are just as important though, as a well thought through plan can help get someone out of debt eventually, If not immediately.

“Will I need to pay off my debt?”

There are a number of different options available to people struggling with debt. If you’re wondering if you’ll need to pay off your debt, the answer is likely to be ‘yes’ although there are a variety of options which may reduce the amount you have to pay back. You can read about some of those options at:


“Can I clear debt?”

If you’re looking to clear debt, there are options available such as bankruptcy, but it’s always important to work out whether something like this is best for you as there can be short and long term implications. Find out more about bankruptcy at:


“How do I lower my debt?”

If you want to lower your debt, making regular agreed payments is by far the best way to achieve this, but you might want to consider an Individual Voluntary Agreement, whereby you pay one affordable monthly repayment for a fixed term, after which time all remaining debt is written off.

We hope those questions and answers are helpful, and now here’s a little more detail about who we are and what we do…

Help with debt

Getting help with debt is the first step to getting out of debt. The Debt Advice Service has helped many people with their debt problems. See for yourself on our review page here:


Debt help

Realistic and relatable debt help is what we provide. The terminology can be daunting and the debt relief industry can be confusing. The Debt Advice Service is looking to change that, by talking about things openly and honestly, in a jargon free way.

Write off debt

We can help people write off debt, in the way that best fits their own individual circumstances. To write off debt involves careful consideration of many different things. Fortunately, at the Debt Advice Service, we’re abreast of the latest industry information and are able to provide impartial support to those we speak to.

Individual Voluntary Agreement

Want to find out more about an Individual Voluntary Agreement. You can read all about it at:


How to apply for an IVA

The first step is working out whether or not you qualify. You’ll need a minimum of circa £6,000 of unsecured debt from at least two lenders. These could be credit cards, loans, catalogues, store cards etc. You must be struggling to meet current repayments. Not everyone qualifies, but you can read about all the things you need to know about an IVA on our blog at:


Credit card debt

One of the biggest debt problems in the UK is unquestionably credit card debt. A credit card is a useful tool, only if you can afford to make the repayments. Read all about credit card debt on our blog at:




Help with debt problems

The Debt Advice Service can offer people help with debt problems in a judgement free, unbiased manner, the kind of which can be hard to find. Once people speak to us, we hope that they can move forward with more positivity and most importantly, with a plan.

Help with bailiffs

Worrying about a visit from bailiffs can be a preoccupation for anyone living with debt. Hiding from letters and phone calls is one way to make a worrying situation worse though, and there are solutions which can put a stop to visits from bailiffs. One such solution is a Debt Management Plan, and you can learn more about those at:


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